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Agile HR Services exists to help tackle current and future HR challenges facing our clients. Our custom and  straightforward approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of HR services and solutions to help organizations facilitate expansion , change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity. (locally and abroad)

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

HR Consultancy  &  Day-to-Day Support

Future HR Challenges

Agile HR Services supports entrepreneurs in all fields of HR. We make sure that they can concentrate 100% on doing business. We provide support in the areas of social legislation, payroll, administration, salary optimization, staff evaluation, employer branding, etc.

Do you experience a peak in HR administration? Is your loyal HR colleague temporary unavailable? Are you in between hires? We provide HR support on/off site when required.

Planning to expand?

Expert Advice

Have you decided to expand and set up  a business in Belgium, France or the UK? We advise and provide admin support on how to draft employment contracts, how to set up internal regulations and policies, how to evaluate employees and retain them.

When collaboration comes to an end, lay-off procedures in different countries can be very challenging. Together we discuss an appropriate approach.

Employer Branding

Attract and Retain Talent

Companies are struggling to leave their mark on today's labor market. They need to stand out of the crowd and offer candidates not only a good work-life balance, but also a good work-life integration. Candidates choose companies with a healthy culture that provide in multiple ways such as sufficient reward, career options and flexible hours.

So now, more than ever, it is of major importance that companies start to invest in a modern and attractive brand, to convince the best and brightest talent to join their team.

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Agile HR Services

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